[VIDEO] Producer Spotlight: Sugarbud

Sugarbud is an Alberta-based, consumer-driven boutique craft cannabis company focused on the cultivation and production of superior, select-batch, craft cannabis products. Sugarbud is committed to being a transparent consumer brand. Their mission is to become increasingly renowned for providing exceptional high-quality craft cannabis products to legal markets by delighting the most discerning of cannabis consumers.

This Producer Spotlight is part of a continuing series highlighting the amazing brands that are leading the industry by driving transparency and education with original content for bud-tenders including batch-level, full cannabinoid and terpene profiles on Cannametrics’ Producer Connect.

Learn more about Sugarbud’s product line and thousands of other products on Cannametrics Producer Connect at pc.cannametrics.io

Eric Jacobsen

Co-Founder, CEO @ Cannametrics. On a mission to elevate the status of cannabis through transparency and science. I want to help by providing everyone with real information they can use to have the best possible experiences.