The Secret is in the Soil: Aqualitas’ Growing Methodology

In its essence, living soil is an ecosystem that consists of biodiverse organisms that includes bacteria, algae, fungi, nematodes, arthropods, protozoa, and more. As the name suggests, living soil is an all-natural, synthetic-free, nutrient-dense soil that promotes healthier yielding growth for cannabis plants. Living soil acts as a medium that relies on the dynamics between microorganisms in the soil and the root systems of the (cannabis) plant.

In living soil systems, plants are a key part of the ecosystem. Microorganisms work to break down nutrients in this living soil to make them bioavailable to the roots. Since plants feed through their roots, their relationship is a careful balance of the plant communicating exactly what it needs from the soil through the release of carbs and sugars and the microorganisms in soil providing for those needs. Thus, plants grown in living soil are prone to healthier results because they are connected with the systems that feed the so they are able to “request” and absorb all the nutrients they require to thrive.

Due to the interconnections in living soil, there is less opportunity for pests and diseases to invade, meaning the use of pesticides, fungicides, or harsh fertilizers are completely unnecessary because the soil feeds and protects the plant. Good soil > Good cannabis > Good cannabis experiences. As you can imagine, living soil promotes cleaner cannabis highs and less harmful ingredients absorbed.

Take a look into Aqualitas: their agricultural methodology consists of deriving nutrient-rich RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) koi fish water and combining this with living soil. Their method of growing healthy cannabis crops is combining living soil with the use of this aquaponic water, thus, resulting in organic and sustainable cultivation methods. They specifically use koi-based fish tanks filled with roughly 1000 koi fish, and with this, a koi fish’s life span can range up to 25 years, making their fish farming waters sustainable. The results highlight themselves — aquaponic water combined with living soil contributes to higher yields, superior bud density, and higher levels of potency and terpenes. Ultimately, it strengthens the overall sensory characteristics in the plant.

Hailing from Nova Scotia and now distributing worldwide, it’s no surprise that Aqualitas has been named one of Canada’s Top Growers in 2020. In fact, Aqualitas is Canada’s first licensed producer to be certified organic by Clean Green. They are one of the few producers exporting globally. With leading-edge researching and craft-style cultivating methods backed by scientific research, this Producer is innovative in every sense when it comes to growing cannabis organically.

“It benefits the consumer when it benefits the environment; it benefits the environment when it benefits the consumer” – Myrna L. Gillis – Chief Executive Officer

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Eric Jacobsen

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