TGOD and Highly Dutch Join Producer Connect!

Our producer list has another great addition.

We are pleased to announce that The Green Organic Dutchman has joined Producer Connect!

The Green Organic Dutchman brands include TGOD and Highly Dutch. TGOD is now sharing comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets from these brands with you on Producer Connect.

Check out their products on the Products page or send them a message from the Messages page to connect with them directly.

About TGOD

At The Green Organic Dutchman, our philosophy is rooted in nature.


At TGOD we harness the natural, undisturbed powers of nature by growing only certified organic cannabis without wasteful inputs and outputs. This creates a natural ecosystem and a unique difference that reveals the most flavourful cannabis and aromatic terpene profiles carefully crafted by nature and protected by the TGOD process. 


Healthy plants need soil, sun, and rain, the elements that you will find in our hybrid greenhouse. Our plants are grown in living soil (never stone wool) and nourished by sunlight (or full-spectrum LED when the light is low). Captured and purified rainwater is all we use to water our plants, which we optimize through our state of the art irrigation system.

CleanCraft™: Our Commitment to Quality

Our CleanCraft method is our promise that delivers you certified organically grown cannabis that rich in flavour and bursting with aroma.

  • Certified Organic
  • Grown in Living Soil
  • Natural Elements
  • Hand Trimmed & Selected
  • Slow Dried & Cured

We care deeply about the world future generations will inherit. Our hybrid greenhouses were designed to LEED® Certification standards, optimizing waste reduction and maximizes plant health. ​

Our packaging is central to our sustainability efforts. We consider the impacts of our supply chain and the materials we use. Where possible, we use recyclable glass jars and paper products that can be repurposed.

TGOD’s Brands

Certified organically grown in living soil, The Green Organic Dutchman crafts premium flower, vapes and oils.

Organic weed that doesn’t break the bank? Highly Dutch has got you covered. We’re all about the good vibes, and our greenhouse-grown bud is here to help you create the moments from chill to cheers and everything in between.

TGOD Product Previews

Organic Rockstar Tuna
Total THC: 20.21%
Total CBD: 0.03%
Total Terpenes: 1.73%
Moisture Content: 8.12%
Top Terpenes: Caryophellene, Limonene, Myrcene, Humulene…

Organic Fire
Total THC: 19.79%
Total CBD: 0.03%
Total Terpenes: 1.07%
Moisture Content: 7.69%
Top Terpenes: Caryophellene, Limonene, Humulene, Myrcene

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