Viridis Natural Health LTD joins Producer Connect

Our producer list has another great addition.

We are pleased to announce that Viridis Natural Health LTD has joined Producer Connect!

Viridis Natural Health LTD is now sharing comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets with you on Producer Connect.

Check out their products on the Products page or send them a message from the Messages page to connect with them directly.

From Viridis Natural Health LTD

The Viridis story is one of perseverance, hard work, dedication to one’s craft, and a motive to create an accessible product to help those seeking a high quality natural alternative. Viridis is proud to be one of Canada’s craft cannabis producers growing high-quality, small batch, hand-harvested, natural cannabis.

After four years of working hand in hand with Health Canada and managing the rigorous licensing process, we have built a world class facility to grow top grade hand crafted cannabis and related derivatives.

The future is green.

Viridis Natural Health LTD Product Preview

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THC: 18% – 26%
CBD: 0% – 0.5%
Terpenes: 4.20%

THC: 18% – 26%
CBD: 0% – 0.5%
Terpenes: 0.84%

THC: 18% – 26%
CBD: 0% – 0.5%
Terpenes: 1.02%