Citizen Stash Celebrates Pride

“Cannabis That Unites Us All - Stand For Something” - Citizen Stash​

When you think of Citizen Stash, your mind probably summons the colour ruby red –  the iconic colour statement running through their brand and products. You think of their robust, aromatic flowers with each bud containing a bounty of delicious and succulent trichomes clinging in every crevice. Their signature red logo demonstrates their tireless attention to detail and their commitment to delivering quality craft products, while challenging systematic oppression on cannabis legalization.

And Citizen Stash is just that – a Canadian Producer operating on the Coast Mountain Range of British Columbia invested in using their handcrafted cultivation methodologies to make a striking social and political impact.

An exemplary piece from their strong portfolio would be their Mimoza (Stonewall) flower – inspired by the pivotal Stonewall riots of 1969 – a series of demonstrations made by members of the LGBTQ2+ community. As summarized by Citizen Stash’s Trade Marketing Manager, Jeremy Nemanishen,

“We chose Stonewall because we believe that there is a clear link that connects LGBTQ2+ rights and cannabis legalization, and we wanted to recognize the struggle for public acceptance and legal victories driven through civil disobedience that both issues share. The fact that consistent pressure by the citizenry can help the government recognize that they have overstepped is likely the greatest achievement of a democratic society and this is celebrated by Citizen Stash. Consider it a tip of the hat to show that game recognizes game.”

Just in time for Pride this year, this product proclaims itself by its inspiration, harkened by the context of the historical Human Rights event, acknowledging the very grassroots upon which Citizen Stash stands. “Stonewall” boasts itself as a Sativa-dominant hybrid that releases aromatic notes of citruses and florals. Its potency drives an average THC level of 22.87%. To top it off, the buds are free from the use of pesticides and are hand-harvested and hand-trimmed in small batches.

But it’s not just the name of the product that expresses its involvement in LGBTQ2+ rights. Citizen Stash is working with Green Merchant who are donating 15% of sales of Mimoza (Stonewall) to the Toronto LGBTQ2+ community. Citizen Stash will be matching this by donating 10% of all sales at Green Merchant.

Citizen Stash, a team of highly dedicated and passionate advocates for providing quality cannabis accessible to all Canadians, are one of our revolutionary partners who choose to challenge oppressive systems through civil disobedience.

Declared on their website, “Citizen Stash believes that if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. The global fight for equal rights, a healthy environment and freedom of speech are core beliefs and we support all peaceful means of achieving these. We want you to Stand for Something and encourage you to be active in your community.” This resounding statement is adamantly practiced by the brand when participating in the global stand for cannabis accessibility and education.

Their vision and values are straightforward: to become a global leader in small batch cannabis production, to grow and market the highest quality cannabis in Canada, and to value their employees, customer rights, and the environment.

Cannametrics is incredibly proud to be partnered with such a progressive and socially involved Licensed Producer as Citizen Stash Cannabis Corp., as they trailblaze in a movement that impacts us all. Retailers and Consumers alike will benefit from Citizen’s Stash’s, well, stash, knowing that supporting this brand means you are contributing towards good causes.

As Nemanishen concluded,

“We celebrate Pride in much the same way we celebrate 420 and are proud to prove out the Margaret Mead quote: ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’”

Take a look into Citizen Stash’s process on their website and Instagram page