Cannametrics Gains Another Amazing LP! Welcome, Laurentian Organic Inc. & Tremblant Cannabis!

We are pleased to announce that Laurentian Organic Inc. and Tremblant Cannabis are now sharing comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets with you on Producer Connect.

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From Laurentian Organic Inc.

For decades, cannabis has been part of the lives of many. In 2018, we witnessed the legalization of this plant and in April 2020 we officially embarked on this adventure.

Becoming one of the first licensed producers in Quebec is a source of great pride for us since Laurentian Organic Inc was born from the desire to share Quebec cannabis know-how. Our team of experts had the ambition to create unique products that stood out.

We do this by adopting innovative cultivation methods and setting the highest quality standards in the industry.

Our Process:

Greenhouse Grown
Our plants benefit from the sun’s rays in our hybrid greenhouse. Not only does this allow us to save energy, it also complexifies the chemical composition of the plant.

We cultivate according to organic methods without synthetic additives.

Hang Dried
Once our flowers are harvested, we hang-dry them. This allows us to preserve the integrity of the flower and its trichomes.

This step is the secret ingredient for a flawless experience every time. Curing the flowers over two weeks enhances the aromas and softens the mouth-feel.

Hand Trimmed
Hand-trimmed is a more precise way of working the flower and it keeps the trichomes intact. We handle each flower with care to ensure a perfect presentation.

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From Tremblant Cannabis

For Folks Who Like it Old School

Tremblant Cannabis is for the cannabis enthusiast who wants an accessible product that offers a high experience/price ratio.

The innovative approach of the brand ensures a constant roaster of the market’s most wanted products, whether it’s flower or concentrates.

Our hashish was created with a very specific result in mind. We wanted to recreate the classic taste and feel of hashish: smooth, spicy & soft.

Inspired by the afghan methods, we combined tradition and science to create a modern version of hashish. Our products are specially designed for connoisseurs who seek an authentic experience, like back in the days.

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Laurentian Organic Inc. & Tremblant Cannabis Product Preview

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