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Cannametrics is proud to have Fleurish Cannabis and Growtown Cannabis products on the platform!

Fleurish Cannabis shares comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets with you on Producer Connect for it’s Fleurish brand, and now it’s all new Growtown lineup!

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Fleurish is proud to be a Craft Grower here in Eastern Ontario, growing exceptional strains cultivated for everyone, but targeted towards women. You have known and loved their products across Canada for over a year now, and today we are excited to announce the next evolution of Fleurish’s offering under a new brand – Growtown!

From Growtown Cannabis

Unique Products

Growtown is Fleurish’s new and unique brand, launching with a focus on finding, curating, and celebrating extraordinary, rare, and of course, quality cannabis products. Unlike Fleurish, as we are not strictly the grower of our products, we feel that the products we have found deserve to be in your stores and in front of your customers. Small micro growers with a ton of passion, but not necessarily the scale, unique cultivars brand new to Canada that can’t launch on their own, and more are what we are excited to bring you. On top of that, we have some truly impressive craft processing for those new and unique extract products that we are looking forward to building into 2022.

We are incredibly excited to launch with a seller favourite – a clear and straightforward ultra-high THC (30%+) indica flower from a local grower here in Ontario. Following on this product’s heels will be a pure CBG flower in our “highly unique” category and a pure CBD flower grown and cared for by the most industrious one-person show we have ever seen!

Community Driven

We recognize that not all cannabis products are created equally. That is why we are committed to bringing a wide array of quality cannabis products to all provinces. Starting with Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, and Ontario in the Spring, we will be looking to bring these products to the rest of the provinces in 2022!

The other part of a community-driven business is then listening and implementing your feedback. We listened and implemented small case sizes with Fleurish and are keeping to that with Growtown. We heard Saskatchewan wanted specific pack sizes for our pre-rolls, and we are sticking to it. We heard Manitoba wanted new dried formats, and even though you fine folks are the only people in Canada who order it, we’re doing it! 

What works in Edmonton, Alberta, isn’t always what Nipawin, Saskatchewan, is looking for. Especially when it comes to unique offerings like whole flower CBG (and pre-rolls), finding the correct formats for your local community is key to both of our successes. We are committed to offering you the best selection upfront and then listening and acting on your feedback wherever possible to deliver the perfect product to your customers.

Evolving Opportunities

Our goal is to bring new products, new insights, and new ideas with the Growtown brand. We will work hard to sift through the latest and upcoming research on the major and minor cannabinoids, new products, and trends, and then simplify it down to a level your budtenders and customers can quickly grasp. Evolving information also means changing products. We are very excited to try some (under the cap for now!) new products out so that when we try launching something the market has never seen, you can be confident that your customers are getting what they paid for.

Research like this won’t be an overnight process, but we are committed to being more than just another brand of weed.

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Fleurish Cannabis Product Preview

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Growtown Cannabis Product Preview

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Another Amazing LP Joins Cannametrics: Welcome Partake Cannabis Inc.!

We are pleased to announce that Partake Cannabis Inc. is now sharing comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets with you on Producer Connect.

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From Partake Cannabis Inc.

Real. Craft. Flower.

We are committed to setting the standard for craft cannabis in Alberta. Our plants are hand-reared, hand-trimmed, hang dried, cured with care & hand packaged. We choose containers designed to preserve, for cannaseur quality flower every time you Partake.

Setting a New Hand-Crafted Standard

Since there is no set craft standard in Alberta, we chose to create it.

1. Unique genetics & classic cuts that pay homage to our predecessors. Each cultivar is pheno-hunted for potency & terpene profiles that embody the best of the genetic.

2. Each plant receives daily individual care including hand watering ensuring optimal growth throughout its life cycle. We do not use pesticides, instead, we use beneficial insects.

3. Plants are harvested at their peak then hang dried in a dry, cool environment to preserve trichomes responsible for cannabinoid & terpene production. Cured to maximize taste & mellow out the smoke.

4. We hand trim with attention to detail for manicured bud that looks as good as it burns.

5. We test from the top to the bottom of the plant, ensuring our COAs (Certificate of Analysis) match the product in every jar.

6. Our flower is hand packaged in reusable glass containers designed to preserve freshness & quality. Our pre-rolls are whole flower- no leafy trim, no stemmy shake. Just high-quality, milled to just the right consistency, for a smooth experience accurate to the strain you choose, not its leftovers.

7. Each container can be traced back to its harvest date, batch date & COA for total transparency.

Partake Cannabis Inc. Product Preview

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