Another Amazing Brand Joins Cannametrics – Welcome Next Friday!

We are pleased to announce that Nobel Growth Corp. has joined Producer Connect!

The Noble Growth Corp. brand includes Next Friday. Noble Growth Corp. is now sharing comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets from Next Friday with you on Producer Connect.

Check out their products on the Products page or send them a message from the Messages page to connect with them directly.


From Noble Growth Corp.

Our Mission is to Make Cannabis Noble 

Noble Growth Corp. was founded by connoisseurs with integrity and passion. Their rebellious spirit and long-lived passion for the cannabis plant separates them from other producers in the industry. This team is defined by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an undying desire to produce the finest cannabis in the country.
Experience – Passion – Integrity

Our Pillars

  • Integrity
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Community

Noble is dedicated to developing the best quality product while advancing the science and education behind cannabis cultivation.

The Noble Process 


We start with pheno-hunting cannabis breeders and search through vast numbers of plants in order to find one with a number of exceptional qualities such as resin production, potency, weight, aroma and flavour.

Tissue Culture

Once we find a pheno that meets Noble standards, a tissue culture is then extracted that allows us to:

  • Strengthen the strain and create the best version of the plant
  • By using the tissue culture technique, the mutation can be introduced in the cultures and resistant mutants can be selected to produce resistant varieties
  • Ability to produce a consistent final product

Small Batch Hunting 

Our cultivation facility was built with quality in mind and designed by our lead cultivators making sure they have an environment they are confident from which they can produce AAAA product.

Hang Dry & Slow Cure

  • Protect Trichomes
  • Preserve Terpenes
  • Ideal moisture throughout the buds
  • Resulting in a superior dried flower

Package for Preservation
We take pride in crafting a world-class flower and when it reaches our customers we want to make sure it is everything they expect and more. We have designed our packaging to help preserve the flower so when you buy it – it is always fresh.

Screenshot 2021-10-07 140253

Next Friday by Noble Growth is a brand founded by a group of growers whose expertise was cultivated long before legalization. Taking pride in coming from the original cannabis industry, the Next Friday crew has declared a large arsenal of dank genetics that they will be scaling out to market for many years to come.

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Next Friday Product Preview

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More exciting announcements coming soon!

How to Manage Your Inventory Better With Our NEW Retailer Dashboard V2

How Cannabis Retailers in Canada can now save time and money on inventory management

We know Retailers experience pain points in overseeing every single product the performance of every single product in their store. “Which products are contributing to my revenue? Which aren’t? What’s moving slowly out the door? How many days worth of stock do I have left of every product?” These challenges are echoed throughout the Cannabis retailer industry. We’ve listened to over 900 Retailers within our network and we’ve built a solution to tackle these obstacles they face on a day to day basis.

Version 2 of the retailer Insights Dashboard launches today and we can’t wait to share it with you. It’s one of the most powerful and easy to use tools to enter the industry — designed based on hundreds of hours of conversations with Retailers.

“The Retailer Dashboard provides analytics and insights based on a real-time analysis of inventory and sales velocity so that Retailers know exactly which products are driving the bottom line and ensure they don’t run out of these key products. Our dashboard takes the guessing and opinions out of the equation so that decisions can be based on actual data.”
Gerrit Van Woudenberg
Chief Technology Officer at Cannametrics

How much time would it save to always have your key insights at a glance?

Here’s what we've added to version 2:

  • Tracks every product’s performance ranked in a list by product category. Also provides sales by units per day to give you the most accurate representation and forecast!
  • Identifies the best selling and worst selling products based on sales velocity
  • Swiftly identify and forecast which products are about to stock out and analyze the products that you’re overstocked on
  • Ranks products that are about to run out of stock & what is overstocked by calculating the day’s worth of product left based on their daily sell rate 


  • Provides strong product references to suggest to consumers when a product is sold out

As we launch the second version of the insights dashboard, we had an opportunity to sit down with Chief Technology Officer, Gerrit Van Woudenberg to talk about what he and the team have built and where it is going.

Q: How has POS integration changed the way Cannametrics provides Retailers with insights and solutions?

Prior to POS integrations, we had always been focused on the core value proposition of our platform, to provide transparency and key product data to Retailers. We’ve known for a long time that there would be a tremendous power in combining this data with real-time sales but I don’t think we truly understood the impact of cross-linking the data and how much opportunity exists to provide insights to Retailers that are not available anywhere else.

Q: What problems are the new features solving for our Retailers?

One of the main issues was Retailers being able to see what their best performing and worst performing products are in their inventory. On the Retailer Dashboard, we’re calling those the “Best Movers” and “Worst Movers”. We automate inventory tracking and have identified these for Retailers to empower them to cast data driven decisions regarding how they stock their inventory and what they should keep.

The other major component that we wanted to solve for Retailers is to help them with their reordering. The Retailer Dashboard provides the inventories, the current number in stock, and the sales velocity of these products. Once you have that data as a retailer, you’ll know what you need to order and how many, because it’s based on actual data. 

The final element here is overstock. The Dashboard can also inform Retailers what products they can put on clearance based on data-driven stock out projections.

It’s important to me that data is easy to be read and understood. We wanted to capture all of the usable information and transform it into a simple, easy-to-use interface. Everything that we have built is pre-configured, self-intuitive, and approachable for users of any tech background. Ultimately, we wanted the tool to be a joy to use.

"Ultimately, we wanted the tool to be a joy to use."
Gerrit Van Woudenberg
Chief Technology Officer

What’s next? How would you see the retailer dashboard evolving? Are there any spoilers you can give us?

This is just the beginning, we are always striving to add value to our Retailers and have some really exciting things in store.

One of the big ones is providing insights at the budtender level, including their performance. 

In our research, Retailers have also told us that they want to see provincial/geographical trends of best/worst products and we will have solutions for that as well.

Overall, experiencing the Retailer Dashboard V2 has been quite joyous for me. I’ve really enjoyed going through it and putting myself in the shoes of a Retailer. It’s simple to use, but the insights are very, very powerful. This is one of the things that we’ve built at Cannametrics that I feel is the most useful. I’m really excited for Retailers to get to use this.

The Retailer Dashboard is ready for you

Retailers with Cannametrics Premium can now take advantage of this incredible Dashboard on Cannametrics. We believe Retailers deserve the tools to view their store’s performance with seamless accessibility. Transparency has always been our core value and we’re proud to be providing Retailers with the tools to transparently view the essential business intelligence they need to succeed.

Want to See More?

Book a call with us to see the Retailer Dashboard!

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