Show your Pride with Reef Organic

Cannabis and the LGBTQIA+ community have fought side by side for many years. As we enter June, we celebrate Pride month — and you know what that means. Canadian Cannabis Producers share their innovative products that support LGBTQ+ causes .

We’re thrilled to highlight our partner, Reef Organic by Aqualitas, for their dedicated efforts towards social and environmental initiatives – all within the cannabis space. Reef Organic has an impressive commitment to their own core values: Diversity, Inclusion, Sustainability, and Innovation. In fact, their team is composed of 46% women, 10% BIPOC and 8% who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+.

Cannametrics is proud to partner with socially, environmentally, and forward-thinking producers like Aqualitas as they blaze a path of social justice and awareness through their cannabis products. And while cannabis products are intended to make us feel good, we can feel even better knowing that our product is contributing towards a positive cause. Which brings us to Reef Organic’s exciting and innovative release this June: the True Colours Mixed Gummy Pack.

“Be True To You” Campaign

Reef Organics’ socially conscious program will be donating 1% of sales from their new True Colours Mixed Pack of gummies to rainbow coalition initiatives across Canada. Their partnerships include Egale and  NSRAP.

Egale is Canada’s leading organization for 2SLGBTQI people and issues. They improve and save lives through research, education, awareness, and by advocating for human rights and equality in Canada and around the world. For more information visit:

The Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP) seeks equity, justice, and human rights for 2SLGBTQIA+ people in Nova Scotia by creating change in our communities and society at large so that all 2SLGBTQIA+ people are included, valued, and celebrated. For more information visit:

The Gummies:

Each colourful gummy bursts with its own flavour and strain: The Strawberry and Watermelon chews are infused with organic, Co2 Extracted Ghost Train Haze distillate. The Blue Raspberry and Mango chews are infused with organic Cold Creek Kush distillate. Each pack comes with these 4 gummies and delivers 2.5mg of THC per piece.

Additionally, Reef Organic will be providing Budtenders and customers the opportunity to try this new colourful creation in uninfused sample packs.

The contribution to Pride doesn’t stop at the gummies. A QR code resides on the back of each package and links to additional tools and content to build awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

The Process:

Nick Vorauer, Aqualitas’ Lead Scientist for Extraction & Product Development, on the process behind their cannabis gummies. The extraction process is fascinating and unique to every Licensed Producer. After their organic cannabis is ground and decarboxylated, Reef Organics uses supercritical carbon dioxide extraction for their extract. After this, the extracted cannabis is winterized to remove plant fats and waxes that made it through the extraction process. Once finalized, the distillate is sent for the required laboratory testing then used in their gummies.

Find Your True Colours Near You:

Reef Organic’s True Colours mixed pack will be available in: Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. All proceeds will support the True Colours Initiative.

From the Producer:

Reef Organic products are made by Aqualitas – Canada’s first Clean Green Certified organic producer. This certification provides you the assurance that the products you’re purchasing are organically grown using international organic and sustainable cultivation practices. It is also a recognition of the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance, quality, and environmental stewardship.

Their mission is to produce premium organic craft cannabis with the lightest environmental footprint possible, packaged in containers you can feel good about keeping, recycling or tossing in the compost bin. 

Reef Organics is driven by their four core pillars: Inclusive Communities, Enabling Diversity, Protecting the Planet, and Truth & Reconciliation, all of which further underline their commitment to social change and equality through this campaign.


Reef Organic honours Pride by taking action and giving back to the community. Above all, Reef Organic shows us how cannabis unites us and can positively contribute towards social and global change. 

We’re proud to have a partner that demonstrates commitment to better change through the use of innovative cannabis products. Express your True Colours this Pride!

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