Producer Spotlight: Aqualitas

Aqualitas brand is well known as Reef Organic. Aqualitas is sharing comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets with you on Producer Connect.

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From Aqualitas

From our home along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Southwest Nova Scotia, Aqualitas produces cannabis using organic methods that have received Canada’s first Clean Green Certification. This certification recognizes our commitment to organic and sustainable growing practices. While our commercial-scale, proprietary aquaponics system matures we are also using soil-based growing methods. Both our soil-based and aquaponics cultivation platforms have been certified organic.

We are the first Canadian cannabis company to receive ‘Clean Green Certification’,  recognition of our commitment to organic growing methods, regulatory compliance, quality and environmental stewardship. Founded in the US, Clean Green Certified is the largest cannabis certification program and provides greater assurance of quality of cannabis products for the consumer. The methods used to create certified products are based on U.S. and international organic and sustainable farming and food handling standards.

Aqualitas is working to bring a new industry to rural Nova Scotia. While our products will be available to any authorized client anywhere in Canada, we’re excited about being one of a small number of producers in Atlantic Canada, offering Atlantic Canadians same-day access to a regionally grown, pesticide-free, all-natural cannabis product.

Aqualitas' Brand

Reef Organic, is our certified organically grown cannabis for the recreational consumer. Our products, medical and recreational, are Clean Green Certified – recognition of our commitment to organic growing methods, regulatory compliance, quality and environmental stewardship.

Aqualitas' Product Previews

EB & Flow

Total THC: 4.76%
Total CBD: 8.70%
Moisture Content: 9.67%
Total Terpenes: 1.15%

Coastal Kush (New!)

Total THC: 26.75%
Total CBD: 0.11%
Moisture Content: 11.41%

Total Terpenes: 2.09%

High Seas 

Total THC: 24.99%
Total CBD: 0.02%
Moisture Content: 10.7%
Total Terpenes: 1.73%

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