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New Feature: follow the products you care about

With thousands of products on Producer Connect, it can be hard to keep up with all the action in real-time. To make sure you can stay up to date on the products you care about, you can now follow products.  Why follow a product? Following a product subscribes you to notifications on that

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The Secret is in the Soil: Aqualitas’ Growing Methodology

In its essence, living soil is an ecosystem that consists of biodiverse organisms that includes bacteria, algae, fungi, nematodes, arthropods, protozoa, and more. As the name suggests, living soil is an all-natural, synthetic-free, nutrient-dense soil that promotes healthier yielding growth for cannabis plants. Living soil acts as a medium that relies on the

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Topical Cannabis Delivery: What Your Customers Need to Know

Although they’re not the most commonly used, cannabis creams and balms can be effective for localized relief. When should your customers consider applying cannabis topically? What should they know? Here’s an evidence-based look at this oft-overlooked cannabis administration method. Overview The topical administration route refers to applying a cannabis-infused product directly to your

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Sublingual Cannabis Delivery: What Your Customers Need to Know

CBD oils and other tinctures differ from most cannabis products because they’re absorbed under your tongue. Known as sublingual delivery, this method of consuming cannabis has been growing in popularity. When should this method be used? What should your customers know? Read on for a science-backed look at sublingual cannabis products. Overview Sublingual

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