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Topical Cannabis Delivery: What Your Customers Need to Know

Although they’re not the most commonly used, cannabis creams and balms can be effective for localized relief. When should your customers consider applying cannabis topically? What should they know? Here’s an evidence-based look at this oft-overlooked cannabis administration method. Overview The topical administration route refers to applying a cannabis-infused product directly to your

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Sublingual Cannabis Delivery: What Your Customers Need to Know

CBD oils and other tinctures differ from most cannabis products because they’re absorbed under your tongue. Known as sublingual delivery, this method of consuming cannabis has been growing in popularity. When should this method be used? What should your customers know? Read on for a science-backed look at sublingual cannabis products. Overview Sublingual

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Cannametrics and Sugarbud Pilot Innovative New Transparency Program

Cannametrics is proud to announce that our collaboration with well-renowned LP partner, Sugarbud, has resulted in the brand new feature release called Know Your Sugarbud. Know Your Sugarbud will empower Sugarbud customers with the ability to know exactly what’s in the products they are consuming. This is a powerful step in product education and transparency, directed

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Canveda joins Producer Connect

We are pleased to announce that Canveda has joined Producer Connect! The Canveda brand includes Strain Rec. Canveda is now sharing comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets from these brands with you on Producer Connect. Check out their products on the Products page or send them a message from the Messages page to connect with them

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