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Hello, my strain is: Cheese

The Terpenes Found in “Cheese” Strains In this edition of “Hello my strain is”, we are looking at the terpenes of “cheese” cultivars.  In this analysis we looked at 6 different “cheeses” to see how their terpenes compared. All 6 samples were either (Exodus) UK Cheese, or a UK Cheese cross. This popular

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Solvent Vs. Solventless Cannabis Extraction

With so many concentrates and other cannabis-derived extracts on the market, it’s not easy to choose the right one.  One way to help your customers is to highlight the different extraction methods used to turn raw cannabis plant material into oils, vape e-liquids, topicals, waxes, shatter, and other end products. There are multiple

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Hello, my strain is: Cake

The terpenes of “cake” strains Anyone who knows cannabis, will tell you about the absolute importance of terpenes. Total terpenes, for example, is a good indicator of how fragrant a bud will be, while specific terpenes are known to modulate the particular smells, tastes and even the effects of cannabis. Many, if not

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Hello My Strain is: A Surprising and Fascinating Series

A series on how terpene profiles define our favourite strains/cannabis products Having access to in-depth product terpene profiles can help you understand more about a product’s composition, and what category of scent profiles that product might fall under. Anyone who knows cannabis will tell you about the importance of terpenes. Total terpenes, for

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Meet Fuse: Brand New Science-backed THC Nano Shots for the Summer!

Cannametrics is thrilled to announce that LP partner Emerald Health Therapeutics has released their newest brand: Fuse™. This new product line includes their signature Nano Shots – flavoured cannabis-infused beverages formulated with 10mg of THC. Using nanoemulsion technology, this innovative product is raising eyebrows through its attractive presence — but it’s not just

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