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Cannabis Terpenes 101

Understanding terpene basics and why they matter If you’ve smelled lemons, lavender, or pine trees then you’re already familiar with terpenes. These aromatic compounds give plants their distinct aromas and also have beneficial properties. Terpenes play a particularly big role in the flavor and effects of cannabis. Read on to learn more about

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Citizen Stash Celebrates Pride

“Cannabis That Unites Us All – Stand For Something” – Citizen Stash​ When you think of Citizen Stash, your mind probably summons the colour ruby red –  the iconic colour statement running through their brand and products. You think of their robust, aromatic flowers with each bud containing a bounty of delicious and

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New Feature: follow the products you care about

With thousands of products on Producer Connect, it can be hard to keep up with all the action in real-time. To make sure you can stay up to date on the products you care about, you can now follow products.  Why follow a product? Following a product subscribes you to notifications on that

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The Secret is in the Soil: Aqualitas’ Growing Methodology

In its essence, living soil is an ecosystem that consists of biodiverse organisms that includes bacteria, algae, fungi, nematodes, arthropods, protozoa, and more. As the name suggests, living soil is an all-natural, synthetic-free, nutrient-dense soil that promotes healthier yielding growth for cannabis plants. Living soil acts as a medium that relies on the

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