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How We Got to Drinkable Cannabis

How We Got to Drinkable Cannabis Technology has changed the way we can deliver cannabinoids and cut the onset time down from potential hours to minutes.    Cannabis-infused beverages, as we know them today, were not always possible because cannabinoids like THC aren’t naturally water-soluble. To get to where we are today has required

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Show your Pride with Reef Organic

Cannabis and the LGBTQIA+ community have fought side by side for many years. As we enter June, we celebrate Pride month — and you know what that means. Canadian Cannabis Producers share their innovative products that support LGBTQ+ causes . We’re thrilled to highlight our partner, Reef Organic by Aqualitas, for their dedicated

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Sublingual Cannabis Delivery: What Your Customers Need to Know

CBD oils and other tinctures differ from most cannabis products because they’re absorbed under your tongue. Known as sublingual delivery, this method of consuming cannabis has been growing in popularity. When should this method be used? What should your customers know? Read on for a science-backed look at sublingual cannabis products. Overview Sublingual

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More Products From UpRyze Cannabis!

Our Producer is Expanding Their Offerings Cannametrics is proud to have UpRyze Cannabis on the platform! We are pleased to announce that UpRyze Cannabis is now sharing comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets with you on Producer Connect.  Check out their products on the Products page or send them a message from

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What Are the Right Cannabis Consumption Methods for My Customers?

One of the most important considerations for connecting your customers with the right product is how they plan to take it. Although smoking and edibles are the two most common ways, they’re far from the only options. You can also dab concentrates, use capsules, under-the-tongue tinctures, and other types of products. All in

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