Meet Fuse: Brand New Science-backed THC Nano Shots for the Summer!

Cannametrics is thrilled to announce that LP partner Emerald Health Therapeutics has released their newest brand: Fuse™. This new product line includes their signature Nano Shots – flavoured cannabis-infused beverages formulated with 10mg of THC.

Using nanoemulsion technology, this innovative product is raising eyebrows through its attractive presence — but it’s not just about looks. Fuse Nano Shots provide consumers with discreet, pocket-sized 30 ml shots of 10mg of THC with onset effects within 10-20 minutes. Who knew something so small could be so powerful?

While they are eye-catching in looks and principle, they are ridiculously easy to share. They are an excellent summer treat for people on-the-go or for consumers who prefer to ingest rather than inhale. These small and swift products are a summer essential to be brought to the beach, on a hike, to a bonfire, or anywhere when you need a shot of something special. As a plus, they can be carefully dosed so that users have more control over their desired effects.

But that’s not all. Not only do Fuse Nano Shots provide fast-acting results, their effects also wear off faster and provide more predictable results than traditional edibles (such as brownies). Thus, this product is a stellar go-to for first-time users, especially those wanting to try edibles. They can be consumed directly or mixed in a drink of choice.

Their delicious roster of flavours include:​


A caramel coffee flavoured, pocket-sized shot of 10 mg THC to bring to the party.



A sweet mango flavoured, pocket-sized shot of 10 mg THC to bring to the party.



A sweet and sour apple flavoured, pocket-sized shot of 10 mg THC to bring to the party.


Bonus: their ingredients are gluten-free and vegan!

What are the advantages of Fuse’s nanoemulsion products?

    • Faster and more predictable effects — the effects of nanoemulsion products are felt sooner, wear off faster, and are more predictable than those of traditional edible products such as brownies or chocolates

    • More discreet — nanoemulsions can be easily mixed into water and other liquids, and avoid the typical odour that’s associated with smoking or vaping cannabis products

  • Natural, plant-derived ingredients — regular emulsions with large oil droplets require strong, synthetic emulsifiers to stop the oil and water components from separating. Nanoemulsions produced using high-energy methods are stable enough to allow the use of gentler emulsifiers made from food-grade natural products

  • More economical the increased effectiveness of nanoemulsion formulations means that a lower dose is needed to achieve the same effect

What is Nanoemulsion?

According to Emerald, in simplest terms, emulsion is the dispersion of small droplets of oil into water. Nanoemulsions are very small emulsions, consisting of droplets that are invisible to the naked eye.

Furthermore, Emerald notes:

Nanoemulsions are produced using very high energy methods such as ultrasound waves, which can generate much smaller droplets than is possible with mechanical shaking. This makes nanoemulsions extremely stable.

Cannabinoids (the active molecules in cannabis) dissolve in fats and oils, but not directly into water, which makes it difficult for the body to absorb them. The tiny droplets of oil found in nanoemulsions have a high surface area per unit of volume.

This makes it much easier for the molecules carried in the oil to rapidly cross the gut wall then disperse out of the droplets and into the bloodstream, avoiding breakdown in the liver and increasing the bioavailability of the product.1 

The nano-sized droplets that result from the use of this technology significantly enhance bioavailability and absorption of cannabinoids in the body compared to the normal path of ingestion of cannabis edibles and oils and conventional emulsion approaches – hence the fast-acting effects.2

This science-based innovation is designed to be simply integrated into consumers’ lifestyles. As far as leading-edge cannabis beverages go, you could say that Fuse is “calling the shots”.


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About Fuse™

Fuse™ helps beginners and seasoned cannabis users welcome good vibes faster and more predictably by offering innovative, science-backed cannabis products to elevate experiences quickly with confidence. Whether you’re at the beach, bonfire, concert or gaming at home, Fuse products integrate into your lifestyle and electrify any moment whenever the mood hits.

About Emerald Health Therapeutics

Emerald is committed to creating new consumer experiences with distinct recreational, medical and wellness-oriented cannabis products with an emphasis on innovation and product excellence.

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