Hey Alberta, BC and Ontario! Did you know that all products available from your province are on Producer Connect?

Simply select your province from the drop-down menu on the All Products page to see all products available from the provincial distribution board.

This is how it works:

There are now 2 tiers of product listings on Producer Connect:

  1. Advanced Profiles: These are the amazing, comprehensive, batch-level profiles with full cannabinoids and terpenes that you are used to seeing on Producer Connect.
  2. Basic Profiles:  These are the new profiles you will find on the platform soon.  These have the information as it is available from the Province.

Let's look at the difference:

– An example of an Advanced Profile by Reef Organic –

– An example of an Basic Profile  –

You can help by asking your favorite producers to support your procurement and in-store operations by joining Producer Connect.

Eric Jacobsen

Co-Founder, CEO @ Cannametrics. On a mission to elevate the status of cannabis through transparency and science. I want to help by providing everyone with real information they can use to have the best possible experiences.