Fleurish Cannabis joins Producer Connect

Our producer list has another great addition.

We are pleased to announce that Fleurish Cannabis has joined Producer Connect!

Fleurish Cannabis is now sharing comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets with you on Producer Connect.

Check out their products on the Products page or send them a message from the Messages page to connect with them directly.

About Fleurish Cannabis

Give Rise to Women

Fleurish was launched with a focus on celebrating women’s unique energy and power. We provide them with products exclusively crafted to enhance their wellbeing, platforms to grow their businesses and a plan to give back through initiatives rooted in the female cause.

Focus & Poise

We are proud to be a Craft Grower. We enjoy growing cannabis and taking our time to cultivate in small batches. This way we can give each plant the attention it deserves through its entire lifecycle.

Devotion to Excellence

We pride ourselves on the fact we do things by hand: watering, hang drying, trimming and sorting. But make no mistake, our drive for excellence is rooted in science and technology. While we are high touch, our indoor facility is high tech, allowing us to control each variable in cultivating and drying cannabis. We are therefore able to offer you a consistently premium product experience.

Fleurish Cannabis Product Preview

Rally Whole Flower

Total THC: 23.18%
Total CBD: 0.10%
Total Terpenes: 2.73%
Moisture Content: 11.9%

Social Whole Flower

Total THC: 19.86%
Total CBD: 0.00%
Total Terpenes: 2.11%
Moisture Content: 11.7%

Rally Pre-Rolls

Total THC: 19.10%
Total CBD: 0.02%
Moisture Content: 11.6%

Eric Jacobsen

Co-Founder, CEO @ Cannametrics. On a mission to elevate the status of cannabis through transparency and science. I want to help by providing everyone with real information they can use to have the best possible experiences.