Cannametrics Partners With The Green Organic Dutchman to Launch Batch-Viewer for Consumers

The Green Organic Dutchman is now using Cannametrics to drive transparency for end consumers. The Cannametrics Batch-Viewer allows customers to look up individual batches and see cannabinoids, terpenes and more. The tool is now live to TGOD fans and curious consumers alike!

Why are Producers “going transparent” with their batch-level information?

  • They are proud of their product quality and want to show the world
  • Increases trust and loyalty from end consumers 
  • Encourages education and brand awareness of the Producer’s product
  • Provides Budtenders with the exact information they need to learn and speak about the LP’s product 
  • Buying managers are more likely to choose to buy products from brands that are transparent with their information
  • Facilitates and reinforces positive relationships with Retailers

What is the Batch-Viewer?

The Batch-Viewer is a simple and easy-to-deploy tool that puts TGOD’s batch-level product information right at the fingertips of the consumer. It’s easily accessible right on The Green Organic Dutchman’s website where it provides batch-level transparency to consumers including the exact cannabinoid and terpene information pertaining to the product’s lot number, which will be located on the packaging that the consumer holds in their hands. Users can simply enter their lot/batch number into the Batch-Viewer and receive immediate results on their product’s full compound profile.

Why is it important?

  • See strain details that can’t fit on the jar
  • Extended terpene and cannabinoid profiles
  • Learn what makes a strain unique
  • Find out harvest dates and more

About The Green Organic Dutchman’s Products

At The Green Organic Dutchman our philosophy is rooted in nature.


Nature knows best
At TGOD, we harness the undisturbed powers of nature. We nourish our plants using all-natural inputs like rainwater, sunlight, and living soil. It’s a living ecosystem that delivers a certified-organic difference in flavour, aroma, and experience. Carefully crafted by nature, brought to life through our CleanCraft organic growing methods. Join us in our mission to cultivate high-quality cannabis as nature intended.

Certified Organically-Grown

We grow beyond industry standards, we grow to a certified organic standard.

All TGOD cannabis is organically grown, and certified by Pro-Cert. Our Pro-Cert certification ensures that what we grow meets strict guidelines that are in line with the Organic Federation of Canada. We’ll settle for nothing less.

Grown in living soil

Our cannabis is grown in living soil. A living, thriving ecosystem full of beneficial microbes, enzymes, and minerals. Our natural ingredients are sourced from all over Canada, including glacial rock dust, maple syrup, and more. Our unique living soil delivers the perfect environment for our plant roots to thrive. The result; a healthier, stronger plant grown sustainably.

Natural elements Sunlight & Rainwater

Our hybrid greenhouse is designed to bring the best of nature indoors. A combination of sun and full-spectrum LED light gives our greenhouse the versatility it needs to deliver quality flower. We only use naturally purified rainwater to keep our plants hydrated. All water used for growing our plants comes from captured rainwater, naturally purified using ultra-violet light.

We recapture this water again, from underneath the soil beds to keep our environmental impact low, and our water 100% naturally-sourced.

Hand-Selected & Trimmed

Our harvesting team hand-selects only the top colas from the plants, reserved for our TGOD glass jars. Each bud is then delicately hand-finished to preserve its natural shape and trichrome integrity.

Slow Dried & Cured

After being dried low and slow, our buds will continue to cure for over 10 days to build flavour and aroma.

Our award-winning glass jars allow this process to continue even after our buds have been packaged, further enriching terpenes and flavours that are waiting to be enjoyed.


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