Vancouver, B.C. (January 21st, 2019): Illuminate Data Science Inc. (DBA “Cannametrics”)(“Cannametrics” or the “Company”) announced today that it has entered into a binding letter agreement with Kiaro Brands Inc. (“Kiaro”) for the purposes of a pilot program to validate and further develop Cannametrics’ suite of consumer-facing and retailer-facing tools with Kiaro in their Kingsway retail location. In exchange for access to consumer and retailer feedback, Cannametrics will provide Kiaro with access to the Cannametrics Business Intelligence dashboard providing novel insights on Kiaro’s customers and products.  

 “The Canadian cannabis industry is moving quickly, so it’s vital that retailers leverage data to drive strategic decision making in a rapidly developing retail landscape. With this pilot program, we’ll be able to enjoy unprecedented access to insights and trends that will accelerate our success in a burgeoning market” commented Eleanor Lynch, President of Operations at Kiaro Brands Inc.   

“We are pleased to be working with Kiaro to compliment their already advanced retail operations with first-of-kind business intelligence allowing them to better know their customers, products and the competitive landscape” Said Eric Jacobsen, Co-Founder and CEO of Cannametrics.  Jacobsen further adds: “We are very excited to be generating product and consumer insights that Kiaro can use directly to inform both their day-to-day operations as well as strategic market positioning.”

About Kiaro Brands Inc.

Kiaro is a Vancouver-based cannabis brand that carries a variety of curated products appealing to individuals who wish to enhance their life enjoyment through cannabis. The company plans to open a number of fully compliant retail stores across Canada and, through its stores and e-commerce platform, offer a customized omni-channel cannabis experience that is inviting, convenient and appealing, allowing consumers to choose safe and reputable products.  Kiaro’s name derives from the Italian word chiaroscuro, meaning “to emerge from the darkness into light” – a nod to the new era of cannabis legalization.

About Illuminate Data Science Inc. (DBA “Cannametrics”)

Illuminate Data Science Inc. is a research and development company focused on the effects of cannabis, cannabinoids and terpenes. Deploying the “Cannametrics” omni-channel experience through mobile app, in-store platform and web app, the company provides cannabis consumers with uniquely accurate and user-friendly information on the effects and chemical composition of cannabis strains and products. The data collected through the platform informs the company’s business intelligence platform, as well as advanced AI machine learning models of the human-cannabis interaction allowing for the development of novel cannabis response predictions for consumers and product R&D opportunities based on proprietary insights into the actions of cannabinoids and terpenes and the explanatory variables behind differing responses.

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Eric Jacobsen

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