Cannametrics and Sugarbud Pilot Innovative New Transparency Program

Cannametrics is proud to announce that our collaboration with well-renowned LP partner, Sugarbud, has resulted in the brand new feature release called Know Your SugarbudKnow Your Sugarbud will empower Sugarbud customers with the ability to know exactly what’s in the products they are consuming. This is a powerful step in product education and transparency, directed at consumers.

Cannametrics’ foundational mission and vision is to help people have the best possible cannabis experiences through credible science and accessible technology for cannabis professionals.

While our efforts to date have focused on getting cannabis retailers everything they need to make informed product decisions, this is the first step to bringing the transparency Cannametrics is known for to the greater cannabis community.

Naturally, transparency is a shared value between both Sugarbud and Cannametrics, which established the beginning of their partnership in August 2020.

In response to this achievement, Cannametrics’ CEO and Co-founder, Eric Jacobsen, has noted,

The Cannametrics Producer Connect platform exists to empower producers to be transparent and earn the trust and loyalty of retailers and consumers. As a producer of excellent products, Sugarbud wanted to directly demonstrate quality in a way that everyone can trust and we were happy to build them a solution. We are excited to help leaders like Sugarbud take trust and transparency to the next level and are confident that consumers and retailers alike will reward them for it.

What is “Know Your Sugarbud”?

The feature itself is simple yet impactful. Users can use this feature via Sugarbud’s website to gain quick and easy access to in-depth cannabinoid and terpene profiles for all of Sugarbud’s products. All the consumer needs to do is input the specific LOT/batch code associated with their product.

The feature is connected to Cannametrics Producer Connect’s COA (Certificate of Analysis) lab test database. With more consumers becoming increasingly invested in specific cannabis characteristics, this platform will provide the exact information they seek – right down to the decimal.

About Sugarbud

“Sugarbud is an Alberta-based, consumer-driven boutique craft cannabis company focused on the cultivation and production of superior, select-batch, craft cannabis products. Our vision and mission are to become a trusted and well-respected consumer brand renowned for providing exceptional high-quality craft cannabis products to legal markets by delighting the most discerning of cannabis consumers

The Sugarbud Craft Cannabis Collection offers consumers “Hand-Crafted Cannabis for a New Era”. The Company is proudly Albertan and is proud to share Western Canada’s long tradition of exceptional craft cannabis with the most discerning of enthusiasts. Sugarbud strives to define the intersection of product craftsmanship, quality, and value for consumers in the Canadian craft cannabis space.

We Take Pride, We Take Our Time, Experience the Difference.” [excerpt from GlobeNewswire, link]

Sugarbud President and CEO John Kondrosky stated, “Sugarbud is very proud of the quality of our products and in turn our commitment to consumer transparency and satisfaction. As an early partner and adopter of the Cannametrics Producer ConnectTM platform, we are very pleased to be expanding our scope and reach to consumers by providing detailed Certificate of Analysis information on our released LOTs/Batches to all Sugarbud customers.”

About Cannametrics

Our vision is to help people have the best possible cannabis experiences by providing the information and science they need to make informed decisions. Cannametrics’ flag-ship product is Producer Connect, a business intelligence and marketing platform that connects producers directly with the retail buying managers. Producers on the platform demonstrate product quality with batch-level data and support retailers, at scale. Over 500 Canadian retailers use Producer Connect to discover and support products their customers love with the industry’s only batch-level comprehensive cannabinoid and terpene profiles, digital assets and science-based bud-tender education

With the growing interest and focus in cannabinoid and terpene profiles from end-consumers, this launch is a momentous step towards providing consumers with the information they deserve. Cannametrics is incredibly proud to join Sugarbud in the release of this revelatory project as it establishes itself in cannabis transparency movement.

Eric Jacobsen

Co-Founder, CEO @ Cannametrics. On a mission to elevate the status of cannabis through transparency and science. I want to help by providing everyone with real information they can use to have the best possible experiences.