Another Amazing LP Joins Cannametrics: Welcome Partake Cannabis Inc.!

We are pleased to announce that Partake Cannabis Inc. is now sharing comprehensive batch-level product information and digital assets with you on Producer Connect.

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From Partake Cannabis Inc.

Real. Craft. Flower.

We are committed to setting the standard for craft cannabis in Alberta. Our plants are hand-reared, hand-trimmed, hang dried, cured with care & hand packaged. We choose containers designed to preserve, for cannaseur quality flower every time you Partake.

Setting a New Hand-Crafted Standard

Since there is no set craft standard in Alberta, we chose to create it.

1. Unique genetics & classic cuts that pay homage to our predecessors. Each cultivar is pheno-hunted for potency & terpene profiles that embody the best of the genetic.

2. Each plant receives daily individual care including hand watering ensuring optimal growth throughout its life cycle. We do not use pesticides, instead, we use beneficial insects.

3. Plants are harvested at their peak then hang dried in a dry, cool environment to preserve trichomes responsible for cannabinoid & terpene production. Cured to maximize taste & mellow out the smoke.

4. We hand trim with attention to detail for manicured bud that looks as good as it burns.

5. We test from the top to the bottom of the plant, ensuring our COAs (Certificate of Analysis) match the product in every jar.

6. Our flower is hand packaged in reusable glass containers designed to preserve freshness & quality. Our pre-rolls are whole flower- no leafy trim, no stemmy shake. Just high-quality, milled to just the right consistency, for a smooth experience accurate to the strain you choose, not its leftovers.

7. Each container can be traced back to its harvest date, batch date & COA for total transparency.

Partake Cannabis Inc. Product Preview

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More exciting announcements coming soon!

Eric Jacobsen

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